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Hello, I'm James, a startup advisor & product coach, with over 20 years of experience building digital products and services.

I can help you get clarity on what you need to focus on to make meaningful progress.

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Building startups is hard! When everything seems like number 1 priority and you're struggling to know where to focus, I can help find a path.

Product Leaders

Product Manager

I can help you translate business objectives into strategy, validate ideas, and work effectively with development teams.

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I write about how early-stage startups can successfully navigate their way to product/market fit.

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I can help you with...

Product Discovery

Products that are not valuable, usable, feasible and viable will fail. Will customers buy it, can they figure out how to use it, can your team build it and will it work for your business?

Product Strategy

Product strategy is a set of choices that outline how you are going to win in the market you've chosen. It's a simple enough concept, yet difficult to implement in the real world.

Product Delivery & Execution

When every day counts, you need to ensure your product development teams can translate strategy into a product delivery plan and execute on it efficiently.

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