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Hi, I'm James. I know how hard startups are to build. There are so many decisions to make, problems to solve and fires to fight. Finding a path to repeatable growth sometimes seems impossible!

I can guide you through the traps, puzzles & monsters that founding teams repeatedly encounter along their journey. Think of me like a cheat-code for your startup.

So who am I? Previously Chief Product Officer & COO at a SaaS startup, I have over 20 years experience building tech products.

Foundations → Clarity → Structure

Foundational Operating System

The 3 questions: why, what & how are at the route of your startup. If you and your team can't answer them, finding a path to growth will be impossible.


1. Why?

What is the fundamental reason that you are doing this?

Why is this important now?

What are the values & principles that will guide you and your team?


It's difficult to get people to pay attention, whether that's prospects, investors or when hiring.

There is no agreed long-term vision, you're more reactive than proactive and key decisions take too long.


It's hard to sell.

You can't prioritise, everything seems important.

...but nothing really resonates with your market. New features aren't making an impact.


Building new features seems too slow.

You can't predictably generate new customers.

There it too much unordered chaos. Your team are misaligned and confused.

Who I work with

I help founders, teams & product managers at startups



Building startups is hard! When everything seems like number 1 priority and you're struggling to know where to focus, I can help find a path.

Product Leaders & Managers

Senior Team

I can help senior teams work more effectively togther by identifing issues that causing misalignment slowing you down.

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What I offer

1:1 Coaching

I can work with you on a regular one-to-one basis to focus on work or career areas that you are looking to improve. career.

Team Coaching

I can help startup and product teams be more effective with strategy, discovery, delivery, ways of working and culture.

Consultancy & Fractional COO / CPO

If you need me for a hands-on project or to join your startup in a fractional capacity either as CPO or COO, get in touch.

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